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         WINNERS FROM THE november 2018 - general Election:
(Candidates listed WON THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFICES ON november 6, 2018)



County Judge-Executive:
Jimmie "Bevo" Greene (R)
  School Board Division 2:
Braxton King (non-partisan)
Randy Waters (D)
  School Board Division 4:
Lori Foster (non-partisan)
Jailer/Chief Transport Officer:
Jessie Hatfield (R)
  Soil & Water Conservation
District Board Member:

David L. Jones (non-partisan)
Vernon L. Gilreath (non-partisan)
Todd Martin (non-partisan)
County Attorney:
Austin Price (R)
County Court Clerk:
Eric Haynes (R)
Circuit Clerk:
Othel Wayne King (R)
Dwight Ross (R)
County Coroner:
Tim Corder (R)
County Surveyor:
Jimmy Watters (R)
Magistrate District 1:
William "Bill"Hale, Jr. (R)
Magistrate District 2:
Roger Phillips (R)
Magistrate District 3:
Bobby Strunk (R)
Magistrate District 4:
Randy Maxwell (R)
Constable District 1:
Darrell Hansford (R)
Constable District 2:
Brad Waters (R)
Constable District 3:
Cody Stephens (R)
Constable District 4:
David Kilby (R)
For information on voter registration contact the McCreary County Clerk's office (606)376-2411.


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