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You can download, print these frequently used forms, complete and take to the McCreary County Clerk's Office to be processed.


Titling and Registration

Vital Statistics

TC96-002 - Statement of Employer Supplying Motor Vehicle

Application for Birth Certificate (Kentucky)

TC96-003 - Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer

Application for Death Certificate (Kentucky)

TC96-004 - Odometer Disclosure Statement (Leased Vehicle)

Application for Marriage or Divorce Certificate (Kentucky)

TC96-005 - Odometer Disclosure Statement


TC96-010 - Dealer Plate Usage Authorization Register

Application for Birth Certificate (Tennessee)

TC96-015 - Application for Special License Plates

Application for Death Certificate (Tennessee)

TC96-016 - Request for Motor Vehicle or Boat Record Which Includes Personal Information


TC96-030 - Motor Vehicle Insurance Agent Insurance Binder Cancellation Form


TC96-153 - Affidavit Supporting Application for License Plates for Manufacturers and Dealers

Miscellaneous Forms

TC96-157 - Affidavit of Creditor in Possession (To Satisfy Lien)

Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate

TC96-159 - Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Sale (To Satisfy Lien)

Affidavit for Previously Owned Manufactured/Mobile Homes

TC96-167 - Affidavit for Replacement-County

Certificate To Do Business Under Assumed Name By Individual - KRS 365.015

TC96-169 - Application for Motor Number


TC96-170 - Claim for Refund of Truck License Fee


TC96-171 - Claim for Refund of Motor Vehicle License Fee

Fish and Wildlife

TC96-179 - Kentucky Self-Service Storage Act

Application - Hunting Methods Exemption - Vehicle

TC96-182 - Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title/Registration

Application - Hunting Methods Exemption - Crossbow

TC96-183 - Notice to County Clerk of Vehicle Acquisition


TC96-184 - Motor Boat Transaction Record Application for Title/Registration


TC96-187 - Title Lien Statement (In I-Form Library, Interactive)


TC96-191 - Affidavit Supporting Vehicle License Application


TC96-192 - Affidavit Supporting Repossession and Disposition of a Vehicle


TC96-204 - Application for Disabled Persons Special Parking Permit


TC96-205 -Application for Special Registration Plate for Disabled Persons


TC96-215 -Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Assembled from Wrecked or Salvaged Motor Vehicles


TC96-216 -Statement of Current Service in Kentucky National Guard


TC96-217 -Application for Disabled Veterans Free Certification of Registration and License Plates


TC96-218 -Application for Personalized License Plates


TC96-227 -Application for National Guard Plate for Retiree with 25years of Service


TC96-228 -Application for Disaster and Emergency Services Plates


TC96-229 -Kentucky Motor Vehicle Inspection Performed in Another State


TC96-322 -Affidavit of Mileage Correction


TC96-323 -Mandatory Kentucky Insurance Reporting Enrollment Form




Advalorem (Property) Tax


62A023 - Application for Exemption from Property Taxation


62A044 - Affidavit for Correction/Exoneration of Motor Vehicle/Boat Property Tax




Usage Tax


71A100 - Affidavit of Total Consideration Given for a Motor Vehicle


71A101 - Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Multi-Purpose Form



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